New products and other innovations:

Magnetics Inc.

Ideal for high current inductors, large Kool Mμ geometries (E cores,Toroids, U Cores and Blocks) offer all the advantages of Kool Mμ material, low core loss, excellent performance over temperature, near zero magnetostriction and soft saturation.

Typical applications of high current inductors are Uninterruptible Power Supplies (including transformerless UPS), large PFC chokes, traction and inverters for renewable energy (solar/wind/fuel cell conversion).


Available in various sizes (see Table 1), Kool Mμ shapes compare favorably with gapped ferrites, powdered iron and silicon steel cores.


In addition, for very large core requirements, these large shapes can be configured and bonded into a number of customs designs.

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AmoFlux® is a new powder alloy distributed gap material that is ideal for power factor correction (PFC) and Output chokes.

This alloy starts with amorphous ribbon that is pulverized into powder and then pressed into a toroid. By converting the ribbon into a powder, the resulting AmoFlux cores have the same excellent properties, including soft saturation, as Magnetics’ other powder core materials: Kool Mμ®, MPP, High Flux, and XFlux®.


What makes this amorphous powder core material unique is the combination of low core loss and high DC bias. These attributes make AmoFlux an excellent choice for computer, server, and industrial power supplies that require high current inductors with superior Efficiency.


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